Walk A Mile In Their Shoes

Imagine you were able to walk in someone else's shoes, veiw there life as they see it, feel the way they feel. This blog was created for those special people and there stories, and it all starts with one simple question: Tell me about your shoes.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Seeing Double?

Name(s): Joe and Cam
Age(s): 14
This post is unique in the sense that I was able to find two best friends, who are so alike that they wear the same shoes, were interviewed together, and yet, physically, are complete opposites.
The boys, upon asked for a interview and picture of there shoes, laugh and question my motives. The introduce themselves as salt and pepper, referring to there hair color. The one with black hair and green eyes, Joe, is quick to smile and playful, rarely answering a interview question with any seriousness whatsoever. After gentle coaxing, Joe answers my questions. His friend, the one with blond hair and blue eyes, Cameron, chuckles at his friends responses, yet when it comes his turn to answer them, he becomes mildly short-tempered and impatient. I open the interview with a light question, asking what they would change about there physical appearance. Both boys answer with the desire to be taller. When asked how come, they both didn't have an exact reason as to why. I turn to Cameron, intending to present him with deeper questions. Instead, I see him laughing for the first time during the interview, and ask him what he finds funny on a day-to-day basis. His answer is that of a adolescent just going into high school: "Brian Regan." After a moment of pause and a look of mild humor and expectancy on Joe's face, Cameron adds quickly, "and my friends. They have funny jokes too." Joe gives much of the same answer as well, adding that his family makes him laugh also, "There weird, what can I say?" he says, referring back to his family. When I ask what the boys daydream about during school or at other various times, Cameron starts to reply, when Joe interjects with, "Keep it clean man, keep it clean", the statement earning another chuckle from Cameron. Cameron responds to the question by describing a vacation area his family and himself go to, where he can hunt and hike in the hills, and achieve a adrenaline rush by catching rattlesnakes. Recently he's been thinking about rafting during the summer and being able to jump into the cool water on a hot summer day, having the raft to pull him thorough the river water. Joe, after much contemplation, responds with a simplistic answer with the desire to go long boarding on a beautiful day. Joe, although lively, expresses a cautious and thoughtful demeanor when presented with various questions. When I ask the boys there view on there day-to-day life, Cameron immediately answers with, "boring". When questioned as to why, he replies that he feels school is a waste of time, that what he learns in the classroom wont help him with any of the careers he is considering, those being a marine biologist, a wildlife biologist, a architect, or a carpenter. His example portraying his reasoning that he is learning things he's never going to use was: "I mean, really. Me learning calculus is not going to help me with counting deer, it's completely pointless." Joe takes a different approach on the topic, saying that his life is not average, but it is not exciting either. He feels that a lot of his time is taken up by school and schoolwork, therefore leaving little room for fun. His family though, keeps his life not average, his description of them merely being, "Their strange. But I still love them." He mentions how his sister was getting a haircut that day, a drastic cut from shoulders to pixie, and how he was dreading going home and seeing it, hence the reason he was staying over at Cameron's house that night. Cameron, after listening to Joe's statement, bounces back to an earlier question he neglected to answer. His answer to the question of what current issues or concerns he was facing border lined deep emotions he refused to express. He was concerned as to what people thought of him, and found it hard and hurtful when people talked about him in a mean way, putting him down. Joe's issues concerned his grades, the pressure put on by himself and his parents to get A's, and the feeling of achievement when he did receive A's. When he doesn't get A's though, he communicated the feeling that he attains, feeling like he needs to start over somehow. The boys end on a humorous note, watching Brian Regan from there I-pods, and both of there manners have changed, Cameron being the more playful one, and Joe adopting a deep consideration for all things involved. Best friends, salt and pepper, playful and serious, complete opposites, yet they have the same shoes.

Friday, May 27, 2011


Welcome all! If you are new to It's All In The Shoes, let me give you an idea of what it is all about. As stated in various areas of the website, this blog is dedicated to YOU and YOUR life stories. I interview individuals, and, after listening to the incredible stories people share with me, I take a picture of said shoes, and publish their story on this blog. These people are people I see on the street, in various stores, restaurants, or maybe even public bathrooms. This are real people, with real stories. And it all starts with the infamous question of: "Tell me about your shoes."